• We are open for new members during the month of September and throughout the year. Rehearsals begin each new season the Monday after Labor Day. Our season ends in June.

• We rehearse Monday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Northwood Christian Church, Springfield, Oregon 

• We have auditions or try-outs.

• We welcome singers at all levels of experience and skill, and people from all backgrounds. Must be at least 18 years old.

• Our tradition is open and democratic. We hold monthly business meetings of the Board of Directors on the third Monday after rehearsal.

• Our director does music; choir administration and chores are undertaken by members of the Board of Directors.

We expect our members to regularly attend rehearsals, spend some time outside of rehearsal on the music, help us in some way with choir tasks, participate in performances as able, and, in general, bring your good heart and gift of song in support of unity through the performance of African-American Gospel Music while sharing a message of faith, hope, and charity.  

• Monthly dues are $25 per month.

• Full or partial scholarships are available upon request. We strongly feel that anyone should be able to participate irrespective of their financial situation.

• Feel free to join us at rehearsals. Prospective members have one month to try us out before they are expected to pay dues.

• Please call Carol at 541 517-3770 for more information or contact us through this website.

Rejoice and be Glad