Stone Cold Jazz

Kenny Reed - drums, vocals,
Benjamin Crandall - sax,
Jack Niederman - bass,
Sam Adams - piano/keyboard

You'll notice we're not a rock and roll band, blues band, Scandinavian hip-hop band, heavy metal band... just Stone Cold Jazz. We ARE for hire. We do wedding's, divorces, bar/bat mitzvahs, first communions, human sacrifices, birthdays, wakes, and, as always, the Tuvaluan new year...

Neil Janssen Jazz Guitarist

Neil Janssen began playing in Detroit, MI at the age of 9 years, influenced by guitar greats such as Howard Roberts and Wes Montgomery. Janssen developed a bebop style honing his skills in Jazz and R&B bands. As lead guitarist in the guitar duo Solo Flight, Janssen and a partner, Jim Lichens, played restaurants venues in and around Eugene all through the 1990’s.  Now, as guitarist for Kenny Reed and Stone Cold Jazz, he has been the guitarist for the Sunday Jazz Jam and the Jazz Station. hosted by Kenny Reed.

Eric Richardson, President NAACP Eugene/ Springfield, Oregon
Starting as President in 2013, NAACP President Eric Richardson has had a busy year stepping up the programmatic aspects of the local unit.  He took a personal interest in enhancing the overall infrastructure of the organization.  This facilitates an increase in capacity to serve more youth and enhance services.
 Richardson grew up at the center of social activism for African Americans in Eugene. His family led an African history workshop series and spearheaded the development of culturally inclusive curriculum and pedagogy in Oregon school districts.  Richardson has built on the legacy of his parents’ leadership by advancing the mission of the NAACP in Southern Oregon. His achievements in 2013 laid an important base for this year’s goals.
There’s a strong need for culturally affirming educational resources to inspire and support our youth in Lane County, especially those in areas that have limited transportation,” Richardson points out. Many youth are physically isolated in addition to feeling culturally isolated. The NAACP youth programs address these important needs, which enrich youth and help them meet their potential in Lane.

the NAACP as the President lays the primary foundation to build internal capacity in its youth programs. He aims to increase enrollment, across the board; provide mentors for the Back to school/Success in School  project, a NAACP initiative that started in 1984. BTS is tailored to reduce truancy and dropout rates among African American youth.  It is designed to assist students k-12 with academic, and social supports, which are required for them to recognize their full potential. To improve student achievement BTS offers tutoring and group mentoring opportunities. Cultural awareness, and parent involvement are integral components of the program; formalize the internship program with both University of Oregon and Lane Community College; and, secure the agency’s first paid position.
NAACP turns its focus toward grant development this year, recently receiving the opportunity to collaborate with local school districts in a Department of Education Closing the Achievement Gap project.

Inspirational Sounds, Inc.


​Honoring Our New Ethnic Youth H.O.N.E.Y. Inc. was founded in 1983 in Eugene, OR. This non-profit was formed with the goal of providing support and advocacy for the enhancement and acceptance of multiracial persons and their families. The organizations premise is that in order for the healthy

development of interracial families to thrive it is important that racial harmony be attained by our society. Therefore, through education, Honey strives to create a well-established  multicultural Community.

 Intended participants: Multiracial, biracial, mixed, interracial, intercultural, international & trans-racially adopted persons and families as well as our community who are supportive of our new ethnic youth.

Description: Education, advocacy, referral and support for interracial couples, families, mixed race (multiracial/ethnic) individuals and trans-racial adoption families. This all volunteer organization provides information, referral and social activities to interracial families. Our focus is on self-esteem for children and youth. We promote community awareness and education, and participates in two annual events for families: Martin Luther King Jr. in January, and Loving Day Celebration in June.

Contact: Ayanna Moriguchi, President @ or Sarah Ross, Volunteer administrator and like our Facebook pages honey/culture club and MLK march and join fb group

 Honoring Our New Ethnic Youth. Our address is; Honey Inc.

 PO box 23241 Eugene, Or 97402. And yes we are tax exempt if you wish to send a donation.

 Honey has a very active history including membership in a national organization Association of MultiEthnic Americans  AMEA.

That history brought you a revised system for the collection of racial and ethnic data at 4j schools, the US census bureau, Census2000 originally and this change only allows for persons of multiracial heritage to “check one or more” on forms. There is not a spot to check multiracial. Bureaucrats found that too difficult to manage. The census still has issues that need attention especially as it pertains to mixed ethnic persons. Anyone, even you, can advocate on data collection forms for the inclusion of all. Think schools, doctors offices and insurance companies etc.

 Our local historical activity includes the first community wide celebration of Dr. King's birthday with two principles; 1. free and 2. inspiring for the whole family. Involvement with other organization in Oregon like the Oregon Council on Multiracial Affairs who started Oregon Loving Day celebration 1999. Honey continues to celebrate Loving Day. This day commemorates the Loving -v- Virginia decision, June 12, 1967.

Twenty years of Culture Club held each Saturday in a variety of venues. Most recent of which is the McNail-Riley House and we continue to serve the community from our spot.

See our Facebook group for current activities. We have had numerous group events over the last 33 years of our existence. And more to come.

Our vision is of a racially harmonious society where the dignity of all is paramount. We strive to promote life styles and activities that help promote and educate in order for people to improve racial and ethnic relations.

By Sarah Ross


​Habib Iddrisu                                          

 Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology and Dance
PhD, Performance Studies, Northwestern University
MA, African History, Bowling Green State University
BA, Africana Studies, Bowling Green State University
Presidential Fellow, 2008-10, State University of New York: College at Brockport
Robert S. and Gertrude B. Breen Memorial Award (outstanding graduate student), 2006, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Hans E. Panofsky Award, 2006, African Studies Program, Northwestern University
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts Grant, 2005, Northwestern University
Outstanding International Student Award, 2004, Graduate Student Senate, Bowling Green State University
Gwendolyn Carter Fellowship, 2004, African Studies Program, Northwestern University
President, African Peoples Association, 2003, Bowling Green State University.
Academic Excellence and Service Award, 2002, College of Arts and Sciences, Bowling Green State University
 Best Dancer Award, 1993, Entertainment/Art Critics & Reviewers Association of Ghana 
Habib Iddrisu is a traditionally trained dancer, musician, and historian from Northern Ghana, born into the Bizing family of court historians and musicians of the Dagbamba/Dagomba people.
Dr. Iddrisu has toured the world extensively with traditional singing and dance groups, and has diverse experience as a performer, teacher, choreographer, and scholar throughout the U.S.  In Ghana, Iddrisu was honored with the Ghana’s Best Dancer award, given by the Entertainment/Art Critics & Reviewers Association in 1993. Iddrisu also led several prestigious traditional music and dance groups, including the Youth Home Cultural Group, which Iddrisu founded when he was just fourteen years old.  He was the creative director and choreographer for the Norvisi Dance Group and lead drummer and choreographer of Abibigromma, the resident performance group for the University of Ghana. Iddrisu was sought after to choreograph such events as the welcoming ceremonies for President Bill Clinton’s visit to Ghana in 1998.Since arriving in the U.S., Iddrisu earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in African History and Africana Studies from Bowling Green State University, and his PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University. While studying, he taught and led performance groups at these universities. One group was selected by the National American College Dance Festival to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in Iddrisu’s version of South African gumboot dance. Iddrisu served as a Presidential Fellow at SUNY Brockport in African Studies and Dance from 2008–2010. He also taught courses at Lake Erie College, Cleveland State University, Pacific University, Reed College, Portland State University, SUNY Brockport, before coming to the University of Oregon.    As a scholar, Dr. Iddrisu’s research interests include West African Music and Dance Practice and Performance, Cultural Studies, Post-Colonial Independence History, Political Economy, Oral History, African Diaspora Studies, and the New Internationalism. He explores new viewpoints on tradition, globalization, and popular culture, looking at the difference in discourse and rhetoric coming from indigenous peoples to the international performance and scholarly community. Dr. Iddrisu is currently researching how indigenous performance practices change and adapt to new situations as these practices travel from village settings to national and international settings.



Inspirational Sounds is a non-profit, music and performing arts organization whose mission is to promote the heritage of African-American gospel musical traditions, which are rooted in American music. Inspirational Sounds implements its mission by utilizing professional art productions and educational tools to increase awareness and engage diverse community members in the arts.  Its programs also aim to teach gospel singing and music to bring about unity among various racial, ethnic, and cross-generational constituents of our community. Organization membership includes singers from Eugene, Springfield, Veneta,  and Corvallis. The group is a unique gospel choir because it includes a large percentage of non-African Americans but still retains a traditional Black gospel choir sound. The choir encourages audiences to become involved, joining them in clapping, shouting, singing, and celebrating.
The group is well known throughout the state of Oregon for its energetic renditions of gospel music and is often featured at Martin Luther King Day celebrations in Portland and Eugene.
Inspirational Sounds was founded by John Gainer in 1983, and continued to serve the community throughout the decades.

Pastor Billy Fields
·        Pastor at:
St. Mark CME Church
1167 Sam Reynolds St, Eugene, Oregon 97402
Christian Methodist Episcopal
A ministry that is walking with divine purpose and on purpose for the Lord.
PE Teacher
Favorite Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:13
"No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it."Type your paragraph here.

Our Special Guest Soloist, Ms. Zepherine Hearring, Honorary Member since 2014​.

John Gainer

John Gainer is a former adjunct assistant professor for the University of Oregon School of Music, and founder and director of the University Gospel Ensemble, Choir & Singers. Gainer also developed and taught additional black gospel music course curriculum at the school [The History of Gospel Music, Gospel Choral Directing, Vocal Improvisation Techniques and Private Gospel, Jazz & Pop Voice]. In addition, Gainer served on the thesis committee for several Master's and Doctoral students on various topics dealing with Black Gospel Music.
As an undergraduate at Arizona State University, Gainer organized a gospel ensemble and conducted several choirs in the Phoenix metropolitan area. When he came to the University of Oregon in 1983 to work on his masters’ degree in architecture, he brought gospel music with him. In 1983 he started the University Gospel Ensemble, and when the ensemble became an official course of the School of Music, he founded the Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir so that singers from the community would also have the opportunity to experience gospel music. Inspirational Sounds has become regarded as one of the best gospel choirs in the Pacific Northwest, and has gained national recognition by performing at the "American Showcase" concert of the Gospel Gala at Lincoln Center, and for the Gospel Music Workshop of America in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1995.
Gainer possesses a well-rounded resume in the gospel field, with experience as a clinician, historian, program director, producer, and consultant for gospel music projects. His recordings include Salt of the Earth’s LP, Trusting, on which he has a solo number, and Ruby Brown & Company’s LP, Master Plan, which includes one of Gainer’s compositions. Gainer also prepared and conducted singers for the popular recording group Earth, Wind and Fire for the Portland appearance of their "Touch the World" tour in 1988, has participated on several recordings for the Gospel Music Workshop of America National Mass Choir and has performed with the Northwest Community Gospel Chorus & the Oregon Symphony Orchestra in "Gospel Christmas 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002. 

​Gainer received a Ministers license from the Church of God in Christ in 1979 and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Faith Bible College in 1986. With his multiple talents as a composer/arranger, choral trainer and conductor, Gainer finds the most joy in choral directing because of the energy and spirit the music brings forth in a group sound. Because of Gainer's efforts, gospel music has reached beyond the African-American community into the mainstream of the mid-Willamette Valley area, bringing its zest, solace, and ministry to all who have ears to hear and hearts to listen.
Transplanted to the Bay Area in February, 2001, Gainer has worked as an interim music director for the Sanctuary Choir at Jerusalem Baptist Church [Palo Alto], a choral director for the New Vision Choir at Bethel AME Church [San Francisco], performed lead & background vocals and wrote two compositions for a CD project by Rev. Dr. Isaiah Jones, Jr. [Palo Alto] "Everlasting God Be Blessed", performed background vocals on a CD project by the Voices in Praise [East Bay], a guest conductor for the Santa Clara Chorale and was a member of the Northern California Chapter Mass Choir of the Gospel Music Workshop of America
Residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for a short period, Gainer became active with the Broadway Pentecostal Church Choir [Assembly of God] and functioned as a lead vocalist and interim choral director. While in Vancouver, he reorganized a dissembled GMWA affiliate choir as the Vancouver Mass Choir. Relocating back to Oregon in May 2007, Gainer worked as a guest music director for Highland Christian Center Mass Choir [United Church of Christ], is an Assistant Chapter Representative & Music Director for the Portland/Vancouver Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America and former Tenor Section Leader for the Northwest Community Gospel Chorus that performs the Gospel Christmas with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. 

2016 Hult Center

Showcase Highlights

   Martha Moultry          

Martha was born in Pensacola, Florida during the days of Jim Crow Segregation Laws. She attended segregated schools in Florida where bussing took her past the nearby White school to an all Black school. The building was new, built to placate Blacks after the ruling of Brown v Board in 1954. Pensacola schools were “integrated” in 1964 when ten Black students, who had to pass a number of strenuous academic and background tests were admitted to the all White Pensacola High School.
Her mother moved the family to Los Angeles in 1964, looking for an opportunity for her children to aspire to something other than many of the menial jobs available to Blacks in the south. They quickly purchased a home and moved to Compton, California where Martha attended and graduated from Centennial High School. Compton was in transition from a predominately White city to a predominantly Black city due to White Flight: Whites sold their property cheaply to escape Blacks who were moving in. The properties were then sold to Blacks at market value or higher.
UCLA was her chosen school after high school and Martha completed her Bachelor’s and Masters in Education degrees there. She was immediately hired to teach at the prestigious University Elementary School, the laboratory school of UCLA. She married and remained at the school for three years then, longing to travel, spent 2 years teaching at the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania where her son, Eric Lackie was born, a year in Santa Ana, California and 7 years at the Jakarta International School in Indonesia before returning to the states in 1985. Martha taught at Edgewood Elementary School in Eugene for 15 years before accepting a position as principal at Charlemagne at Fox Hollow French Immersion School, also in the Eugene School District.
Martha grew up singing in the church and was a member of Inspirational Sounds for 16 years, and the Portland-based NW Community Gospel Choir for 6 years that performs as part of the Oregon Symphony’s Gospel Christmas Show. She has sung in a number of church choirs and continues to sing as a soloist occasionally. Martha retired after 38 years in education in 2010 and currently spends time travelling, bicycling, walking, gardening, working on community projects and enjoying life. She is an active member of the First Congregational Church in Eugene.


Kenneth Reed began his musical odyssey at age 4 years, entertaining with his family, “The Famous Reed Singers” – crisscrossing across America. His education includes stints at T.V. and radio stations, including Eugene’s own KZEL, -Manhattan Community College NYC, City College of New York, 3/325 82nd Airborne, 1965-67, numerous commercials and T.V, including T. V’s shows like “Fame”, “Sesame Street”, and many others. Educator for Lane Arts Council and 4 J Schools.

He is currently the Leader and bombastic drummer with the renowned Jazz Band,  “Stone Cold Jazz”. 

For more information, Contact him at -            

541 543-3475


West African Cultural Arts Institute (WACAI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural arts organization co-founded by Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane that focuses on educational programs through the cultural arts of West Africa and charitable programs in Guinea, West Africa.
Our mission is to share the joy and passion of West African culture through vibrant educational programs focusing on music and dance, advocate for authentic, source artists from Guinea, and create charitable projects in Guinea that promote artistic, emotional, and physical health.
West African Cultural Arts Institute, formerly known as Won Tan Nara Productions, was founded in February 2007 by Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane when they relocated from Guinea to the US. Committed and passionate about the cultural arts of Guinea, Alseny and Andrea formed this organization to give back to communities in West Africa as well as to connect with western students far and wide to teach them about the transformational power of authentic Guinean dance, music and culture.

WACAI’s board of directors and volunteers are made up of past and present students who have been deeply touched by their experience of taking classes from Alseny and Andrea and are dedicated to supporting quality programs that make this learning accessible to diverse communities.

WACAI does this by offering community dance classes and drum workshops for adults, residency and assembly programs in the schools, lecture/demonstrations for college courses, community outreach events and performances, a study abroad program, and charitable projects that benefit communities in Guinea.

West African Cultural Arts Institute
PO Box 12279
Eugene, OR 97440




And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them.



Truly I say unto you, “He who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Luke 18:15-17

 Red Carpet Kids has been around for approximately four years. This group is an entity of GNCM Production that has been around for over sixteen years. The goal of this group is to teach children etiquette and entrepreneurship skills. Under the direction of Lenora Hall these children use all their gifts to inspire and provide uplifting entertainment and pour into the community.
These children put on theatrical plays and do a lot of community service. Visiting adult homes and picking up trash in the community are just a few of the things these awesome children does well. They also make their own products and sell them throughout the year to fund their own performances and events.
 Red Carpet Kids sing, sign, step, act and dance along with many other things. If you are interested in learning more about this awesome program or just have questions, you can contact a GNCM Production stall member at 503-750-8724.



 Kenneth Reed, 

Professional Jazz Musician

 Minister Tamara Monique Walker (aka) the recording spiritual artist F.I.Y.A Meaning Faith Is Your Answer; Is a woman saved by grace from mental setbacks, and the many different challenges soul trauma brings.
 Tamara is Now a: Licensed Minister, a mentor, a life coach, a motivational speaker, a singer songwriter, a playwright, an actress, a director and producer with several plays under her belt:  a black history musical
No Man Can Hinder Me
The Miracle of Giving, 
Where's the Lamb,
With God All Things Are Possible and 
The Empty Tomb  
 She is also a current member and actress of GNCM productions which is a ministry theatre team and has also written song for some of their productions.
 Tamara currently writes seasonal and holiday plays for her local church, she is one of the youth Sunday school teachers there and she is currently leading and directing the Praise N Action team.
 Tamara is the founder and director of the "I'm All I Can Be!" community Girls club project, mentoring young girls ages 10-14.

 Tamara is a certified CHW (community health worker) through the Multnomah county capacitation center. She is also a certified PSW (personal service worker) through the Multnomah Home Care Workers aging and disability. Out of all her successes, Minister Tamara is still working on winning the hearts of her children...Never forgetting that when we make the wrong choices...we hurt more than just ourselves...You may be forgiven & healed...But your loved ones may not!!!



Introducing our presenters:

Portland/Vancouver Chapter (PVC)

The Portland/Vancouver Chapter (PVC), Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. (GMWA) was installed in 1995 and is one of 185 current chapters. GMWA is the largest artistic organization of its kind in the world. It includes participants from the USA, United Kingdom and the Caribbean, as well as Europe and Asia.
PVC consists of members from various local churches, who love to sing about the goodness of God and count it a privilege to serve the community and Jesus Christ in songs of praise. PVC has participated in many community events and activities, including the annual “Keep Alive the Dream” Celebration in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Portland Rose Festival’s World Rhythms Stage at Waterfront Village.
We also serve community food banks and participate in an Adopt-A-Family Program, music workshops, weddings, graduations, various concerts and worship services.
For 17 years, PVC has performed with the Northwest Community Gospel Choir for the annual “Gospel Christmas” with the Oregon Symphony and guest conductor, Charles Floyd.
Chapter meetings are held twice monthly at a local church to conduct business and rehearse. We welcome new members who desire to help perpetuate the message of Gospel Music and the heritage art form it represents.